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Oregon Trail Council

In my public relations campaigns class this term my group and I worked with the Oregon Trail Council. It was a fantastic experience. The two men we worked with were very open and interested in our ideas.

We had the opportunity to help them with retention numbers and recruiting new scouts. I gained experience in giving presentations, doing public relations research, writing a public relations plan and contributing to staff meetings.

In the beginning I didn’t realize how much research needed to go into public relations, but that ended up being one of my favorite parts. I also enjoyed our impromptu mini presentations and our final large presentation that we delivered to our clients. After the presentation we sat down with each other and the clients and talked more about our implementation ideas.

In our final plan we ended up recommending that they implement everything that we pitched to them in the presentation. Our main program that we recommended was a mentor program were Boy Scouts would partner up with Cub Scouts, like a big brother program, and mentor and guide them into becoming a Boy Scout. They would help teach them scouting practices and show them how wonderful it is to be a Boy Scout. 

 We also had several smaller ideas to help with participation and retention. These were: an updated volunteer mission statement, a short exit survey to send out to parents at the end of the scouting season, a video competition for the scouts and a more efficient blog for volunteers and leaders to share their ideas. 

Overall, I really enjoyed working with the Oregon Trail Council and getting a real client experience this term. I can’t wait to dive into the public relations field, hopefully in professional sports or tourism.

Here is a link to a Public Relations site that has great resources: http://advertising.about.com/od/publicrelationsresources/Public_Relations_Resources.htm

I also added our Client Report number two that I wrote regarding our Research to my E-Portfolio on this blog. It is called Oregon Trail Council Research Document.


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