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Baltimore Summer

I’m feeling incredibly rested after a nice, twelve day vacation. Spending the first half of it at home on the couch for a few days with food poisoning wasn’t as relaxing, but quality time with my friends and family was. Spending the other half camping in New Hampshire with Chris was a perfect end to my break.

He continuously impressed me with how prepared he was for our whole camping experience. We had a gorgeous, secluded campsite where I spent half the time looking around in terror for bears, however we never say any. sumitting Mt. Washington at 6,800 feet was a great accomplishment we celebrated with a steak dinner in the parking lot. 

I am officially in Baltimore for the summer and the weather is fabulous. The humidity is encirling and the heat is high.

We are working with the Samaritan Women and living on their 23 acres property now. It feels great to have some space this round compared to suffocating living quarters in the past.

We have already had a exhilarating variety of work. We have spent several mornings working on the 2 acre farm harvesting, planting, weeding and teaching young children the organic produce lifestyle. I spent last Tuesday biking to my first farmers market with Farmer Roy where we sold nearly everything we brought. His motto is having a low impact on the earth. That is why we grow all organic produce using only compost and bike everywhere.

We spent the week building a monsterous patio, doubling as a dance floor for a wedding happening out on the property tonight for long-time volunteers. It was a tough, exhausting job working with the cement pavers, especially in the torrential downpour on Thursday.

We are living in an early 20th century mansion on the property with a great kitchen, sun room and three chandeliers! I can’t get enough of the hammock and gorgeous backyard.

The Samaritan Women do outreach for women around Baltimore whose lives have been taken from them by drugs, prostitution or human trafficking. We are renovating a 1893 Victorian mansion on the property for several women to live in where they will get an education, and get clean.

We live right in the city but our property is up on a hill; therefore it is peaceful and relaxing. After work I have been focusing on cooking, writing and thinking about my future. I have decided graduate school is not the best path for me right now, so I am beginning to look for a Public Relations or Marketing position anywhere and everywhere. Wish me luck!


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